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Stella D'Oro
Stella D'Oro
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Annie Welch
4½" blooms. 22" scape. Pink/melon color.  Ruffled and recurved. Reblooms.
Chicago Apache - Reblommer
6' bloom on 24" scape.  Deep purple with a yellow throat.  Rich and colorful blooms!
Delicate Treasure
5" ruffled bloom.  17" foliage.  Soft blend of pink with creamy eyezone and yellow throat.  Fragrant.  Midseason. Reblooms.
Gold Nugget
Yellow-gold. 5" bloom on a 24" scape. Fragrant. Showy.
Happy Returns
3" bloom. 18" scapes. Bright lemon yellow repeater.  Fragrant. Limited quantities! 
Ice Carnival
Near white, green throat. 6" bloom on an 24" scape.  Mid-season. Fragrant. Reblooms.
Old standby. Double orange. 6" bloom. 30" scape. Mid-season.
Lavender Achievement
Deep lavender. 4" bloom on a 24" scape.  Very high bud count. Mid-season.
Lemon Yellow
Bright yellow. 6" bloom on a 30" scape.  Proliferates. Shows up from a distance.
Little Business - Red Rebloomer
Strawberry red miniature.
Yellow with purple center. 6" bloom on a 24" scape. Early bloomer. Good rebloomer.
Ming Toy Red
(a.k.a. 'Gusto'). Strawberry red with yellow throat.  5" bloom. 24" scape. Reblooms.
Mixed Colors:
Not labeled
Small, medium, large & regular
Heavy division
Pardon Me - Red Rebloomer
Big, husky true pink. Does best in afternoon shade.  6" bloom. 30" scape. Early bloomer.
Pink Cinderalla's Dress
5" bloom on 24" scape.  Blend of colors: pink, lavendar, cream, white.
Pixie Parasol
Dainty 3" bloom on beautiful blue-black foliage, 18" scape.  Cute little peach miniature.
Chicago Queen
Raspberry Pixie
Purple miniature. 2" bloom. 18" scape. Reblooms.  Extremely fragrant. Green throat. Increases rapidly.
Sammy Russell Red
4" bloom. 22" scape. Red with yellow throat.  Late bloomer spreads rapidly.
Star of David
Magenta red with yellow throat. Early bloomer. Cupped shape with sharp pointed petals and sepals. Rich color.
Stella D'Oro
Yellow-gold, 2¾" bloom. 15" scape. Early bloomer that continues all summer. A second peak blooms in the Fall.
So Lovely
6" yellow bloom.  36" scape.  Fragrant
Winsome Lady
Blushing pink. 6" bloom. 24" scape. A classic, simple pink.  Reblooms. Fragrant. Mid to late season.
Yellow Double Decker
24-30". Buttery yellow.
Special Strawberry Candy-Pink-Red Eye

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