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Astilbe/Goats Beard (Spirea)
Red, pink, and white fluffy flower spikes. Blooms: June-August. Lacy, deep green or bronze-green foliage adds texture to your gardens. For best floral color, plant in groups of 12 or more for maximum impact. 1-2 eye. Blooms: June-August. Height: 18-40" tall. Full sun to partial shade. 
Blackberry Lily (Belamcanda chinensis)
Named for their ornamental black seed clusters, they have delightful 2" lily-like flowers of soft yellow-orange with crimson spots. They are tall with rich green foliage. Thrive in sun or shade and grow almost anywhere. Blooms: July-August. Height: 24-30" tall. Full sun. Two year.
Columbine, McKana Hybrids (Aquilegia)
Mixed colors. Bright colored flowers of red, yellow, blue, purple, white. Large unusual spurred flowers. Fine for borders. Height: 24-30" tall. Blooms: May-June. Full sun.
Hibiscus, Mallow Marvel
Large open flowers in a mixture of red, pink and white on 3-4 foot stalks. Blooms: July-August. Full sun.
Hollyhocks, Powderpuffs Mixed (Alcea rosea)
Fully double and uniform individual flowers in a mixture of red, pink, and yellow. The size of the flower is one inch larger than any other existing double Hollyhock. Blooms: July. Height: 4-5 feet. Full sun.
Hosta, Blue (Hosta Hyacintha)
14-18" tall. Likes partial shade and grows well in all zones. Likes moisture.
Hosta, Green
(a.k.a. 'Fragrant Honeybells'). Very sweetly scented. A pleasing combination of bright lemon-lime yellow green leaves and fragrant lavender flowers. Grows 26" high and 46" wide. Likes moisture. Full to partial shade. Grow well in the South and the North.
Hosta Variegated (Undulata albo marginata)
Tolerates sun. Green leaves edged with a contrasting broad white band. Form a nice clump. Lavender flowers in September. Full to partial shade.
Hosta Variegated (Undulata varigata)
Distinctive variegated foliage. Broad, wavy leaves have a striking emerald edge and creamy centers. Pale lilac flowers bloom in July. Grows to 2 feet and spreads quickly. Full to partial shade.
Iris, German
Mixed colors. Beautiful blooms in the classic form - 3 erect and 3 drooping petals, or 'falls'. Stiff foliage and upright form contrast well with rounded plantings. Grows 18-24 inches tall - not at all fussy about accommodations, but prefers a sunny, well-drained spot. Benefits from mid-afternoon shade.
(Blackberry Lily)
Blackberry Lily
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